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We are a different kind of company that exists at the crossroads of strategy, creativity and technology.


We are a marketing innovation workshop. We make ads, but we’re not a traditional ad agency. We have launched successful experiential marketing campaigns, but we’re not an experiential company. We are the digital and social media AOR for our major clients, but we’re not a digital shop. We have been lauded for our design work, but we’re not a design firm. We are none of these, and yet all of them.




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Massive Thinking. It’s a thing.


We make things. The team at hqvb works with a select group of clients to plan, create and bring to market transformative business ideas. This is not just a service we provide, but rather things that we build. They are ideas that become business assets - advertising, design, web, mobile apps, and events. We build products and programs, strategies and even new approaches to doing business using technology or communications. We do this by applying Massive Thinking to your business. It’s rigorous and disciplined, collaborative and highly creative. It can appear anywhere where creativity will help move your business forward and can in larger cases go on to become what we call Massive Platforms.



Massive Platforms are omni-channel ideas so big, so powerful, that they have the ability to transform a brand, organization or business. They are brought to life by our multi-disciplinary team of strategists, writers, art directors, digital designers, technologists, social media mavens, public relations specialists, media planners and activation planners. We map out these concepts out so that you can see exactly how they work across channels and stakeholders, and how each part adds to a greater sum.

















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Innovation for today’s world? We wrote the book on it. Our first target for innovation was our own company. We started by writing a manifesto, in book form. Five Ideas That Just Might Change Advertising, details how we’re transforming the traditional advertising agency into something much more powerful - a company dedicated to the creation of transformational business ideas. Ask for a copy of our book.






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